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Medi-Vac by Vacu-Maid for cleaning, grooming, surgical prep & treatment. With the Medi-Vac system you can do everything from general office cleaning and quick clean up of little pet "accidents" to anesthesia evacuation and aspiration.

Medi-Vac by Vacu-Maid is made in the USA by Lindsay Manufacturing, Inc. (LMI). LMI has been manufacturing central vacuum systems since 1956. With their solid galvanized steel construction and powdercoated finish, these systems are built to last. Powerful motors and quality accessory tools, make these systems the perfect addition to your clinic or pet hospital.


Used in the surgical ward to remove liquids such as saliva during dental work or saline solutions and body fluids during surgical procedures.

Scavenging: Used to scavenge excess gases that have been expelled in the work area during surgical procedures.

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Disan commercial vacuum equipment has been used in a wide variety of applications including hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, banks, theaters, churches, hospitals, retirement homes, and sport complexes. Essentially any environment that requires thorough, quick, and frequent cleaning can benefit from the professional cleaning power, efficiency, and reliability of a commercial central vacuum system.

A central vacuum system is one of the best ways to effectively remove dirt and debris from any working environment. Clinical studies have revealed that a central vacuum system can significantly reduce indoor air pollution, providing significant relief for allergy sufferers.

Every day several million square feet are vacuumed by Disan central vacuum cleaners in commercial buildings around the world. In our experience, the savings gained from cleaning efficiencies and staff more than justifies the investment in equipment.

Greater efficiency: By eliminating the down times, no plugging and unplugging of power cords, cables, and accessories. Simply plug the hose into an inlet and you're ready to begin vacuuming.

Powerful: Central vacuums are much more powerful than conventional methods. Using a Disan central vacuum system, you can ensure a thorough cleaning with less effort.

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Wave Wet/Dry Collector


It is equipped with a No-Splash System: a deflector prevents whirlpools from forming inside the Wave which in turn decreases the possibility of any water or foam reaching the vaccum intakes or the motor(s). It is very sanitary: there's an automatic rinse cycle after every drainage to eliminate dirt particles and scum formation. There is no motor in the unit itself: you can use it with HD motor heads or any central vaccum unit. Creating a fully automatic, self-cleaning, and self-flushing system has never been so easy and affordable!

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