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Medi-Vac by Vacu-Maid

Medi-Vac by Vacu-Maid for cleaning, grooming, surgical prep & treatment. With the Medi-Vac system you can do everything from general office cleaning and quick clean up of little pet "accidents" to anesthesia evacuation and aspiration.

Medi-Vac by Vacu-Maid is made in the USA by Lindsay Manufacturing, Inc. (LMI). LMI has been manufacturing central vacuum systems since 1956. With their solid galvanized steel construction and powdercoated finish, these systems are built to last. Powerful motors and quality accessory tools, make these systems the perfect addition to your clinic or pet hospital.


Used in the surgical ward to remove liquids such as saliva during dental work or saline solutions and body fluids during surgical procedures.

Scavenging: Used to scavenge excess gases that have been expelled in the work area during surgical procedures.

The Medi-Vac System SURGICAL Medi-Vac Aspiration & Gas Evacuation:
Double Panel KitDouble Panel Kit, MWPK570
PF2516H Installation Kit
MSCK2000T Suction Canister Kit
Single PanelSingle Panel*, MCQ1
Single panel with on/off switch and LED light
Regulator Adapter Kit, MCQ1AD Female quick disconnect bushing assembly
*Must be used with vacuum regulator. Regulator must be purchased separately. Not available from Lindsay Mfg.
Canister KitGeneral Cleaning System:
Canister Kit, MSCK2000T

2 WMP2000 Wall Mount Plates
1 MCR2000 Canister Ring
1 MCR800 Canister Ring
1 MSC2000T 2000 mL Canister
1 MSC800 800 mL Canister  


Pet Grooming: Medi-Vac can provide almost 166 cfm of warm air from a wall outlet. The motor is in a remote location so technicians and animals are not distressed by shrill electric motor noise. Instant hair removal keeps this work area cleaner & easily maintained. Medi-Vac can provide volumes of warm air from a wall outlet, removing loud, obnoxious blowers from the clinic. With no heating elements, Medi-Vac air systems are safer & more reliable. Valves are placed in the cage and grooming wards. Groomers can use this feature to dry animals before or after cutting their hair. Valves in the cage wards allow the groomer to dry animals while confined and to aid in drying the cage wards themselves.
Blower OutletBlower Outlet, WS659XTK
Steel outlet with twist lock for blow drying feature
Cage DryerCage Dryer, ADB249
Attaches to blower hose & hooks onto cage unit for blow drying.
HoseHose, HS130W
30 ft. crush-proof hose to use for blow drying


The Medi-Vac System The Medi-Vac system is made up of several components and has a series of options. Below are a few of the main components of the system.
Motor UnitMotor Unit, S2680MV
Medi-Vac's powerful motor unit efficiently provides suction power to a selection of panels. All galvanized steel construction, long-life
8.4" diameter commercial motor
Max. Airflow...166 CFM
For primary & secondary dirt collection & filtration
Quality steel construction
Powder-coated for durability
Cyclonic Filtration - no filters to clog which means pet hair won't reduce the suction of the system
Strong & rugged commercial inlet valves
Steel 1-1/4" universal fit
Reliable micro-switch controls on/off functions


Cleaning SystemGeneral Cleaning System

The powerful Medi-Vac system creates powerful suction and airflow that removes dirt, debris and dust completely from the building. Quiet operation allows easy maintenance without disturbing patients, customers or staff.
Conveniently located cleaning inlets make floor cleaning, dusting and upholstery cleaning easy and efficient.

A selection of tools and attachments accomplish any maintenance job, wet or dry.

Single motor units (120 V) for 1-6 inlets - 4,200 sq. ft.
Two-motor motor units (240 V) for 7-12 inlets - 10,000 sq. ft.

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