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VacuMaid® power units use cyclonic separation. Pure cyclonic action is an impressive alternative to filtering dirt and like most great ideas, it’s simple. Our cyclonic system allows large heavy particles to fall into a dirt canister at the bottom of the main power unit. Fine particles are exhausted outside, with no detours or stopping points. This means no traditional filters to clog or clean. It also means virtually 100% sustained cleaning power. This is because without the restriction of a dirty cloth, paper, or foam filter, you get more consistent cleaning power at the end of the hose. The result? A cleaner house with longer carpet life and less professional cleaning.

VacuMaid® has the only central vacuum system on the market that allows a can liner to be used. This feature is available due to VacuMaid’s® patented Air Channel. By having this added feature, emptying the can is less hassle and less mess. By using a plastic bag can liner, there are no more clouds of dust billowing up in your face when you empty the dirt can. Just tie it up and toss it into the garbage.

one piece power unitsOne Piece Power Units

This traditional one piece design houses the Ametek motor and electrical components in the top compartment. The middle of the unit is where the cyclonic action separates fine particles from the larger debris.  The fine particles are vented to the outside while the larger debris is deposited in the dirt can below. The bottom can has the plastic liner so the debris can easily be emptied periodically.




Split CanisterSplit Canister Power Units

The VacuMaid® split canisters are the most unique central vacuum on the market. With the power unit separate from the dirt canister you can place the two in separate locations. It is best that the power unit be placed in a remote location to further reduce any motor noise and place the dirt canister where it is easily accessible. These units use ultra long life motors for superior performance. Split canister systems are especially good for people with pets.  With the split system most of the hair is collected in the bottom can, but some may make its way to the top screen.  This screen can easily be cleaned by removing the top lid and wiping away the hair. With bag systems hair from pets will easily clog the bag reducing its performance and cleaning ability. The bottom cans feature plastic liner for clean and easy emptying.


Vacu-Maid Power Units

Unit P112 S2400 S1600 S2600 S2700 P400 S3600
Motor 6.6" Tangential By-Pass 7.2" Tangential By-Pass 6.6" Tangential By-Pass Premier 7.2" Tangential By-Pass 8.4" 2-staage Tangential By-Pass (2) 6.6 " Tangential By-Pass (2) Premier 7.2" Tangential By-Pass
Voltage 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 240 A.C. 240 A.C.
Max Amp 14.0 15.8 14.9 15.8 13.9 14.8 16.4
Max air Watts 663 631 663 631 713 1328 1268
Airflow (CFM) 139 121 139 121 142 243 229
Sealed Vacuum (*H20) 132 142 132 142 147 134 137
Filtration Cyclonic Cyclonic Cyclonic Cyclonic Cyclonic Cyclonic Cyclonic
Sound Level 60 db 66 db 60 db 60 db 60 db 78 db 78 db
Capacity (Qts) 27 38 27 27 27 38 38
Dirt Can N/A N/A DC1200AC DC1200AC DC1200AC DC1240AC DC1240AC
*Up to total Sq Ft 9,50 10,000 9,500 10,000 12,000 18,000+ 18,000+

Vacu Maid Filtered Power Units

UNIT SR36 SR38 SR52 SR800 Sr14 SR46 SR60 SR64
Motor 5.7" 2-stage Flow Thru 5.7" ULTRA 2-stage Flow Thru 7.2" 2-stage Tangential Bypass 8.4" ULTRA 2-stage Flow Thru 5.7" ULTRA 2-stage Flow Thru 6.6" 2-stage Tangenial By-pass 8.4" 2-stage Tangenial By-pass (2) 5.7" 2-stage Tangenial By-pass
Voltage 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 120 A.C. 240 A.C. 240 A.C.
Max Amps 11.3 14.5 15.8 13.8 14.5 14,0 13.8 13.0
Max air Watts 561 740 631 713 740 663 713 1040
Airflow (CFM) 117 138 121 142 138 139 142 220
Sealed Vacuum (*H20) 142 138 142 147 138 132 147 123
Filtration Sealed Paper Bag Sealed Paper Bag Multi-Layer Disposable HEPA Bag Multi-Layer Disposable HEPA Bag Cyclonic Inverted Bag Paper Bag option Inverted Bag Inverted Bag Inverted Bag
Sound Level 58 db 58 db 70 db 68 db 58 db 58 db 68 db 74 db
Capicity (Qts) 27 27 27 38 27 27 38 38
*Up to total Sq Ft 3,000 120 A.C. 10,000 12,000 6,000 9,5000 12,000 18,000
More information on the Vacu-Maid® website HERE.

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